passionate about pets


Hello, I'm Mario Arbore, the creator of Square Paws.  Here at Square Paws, we’d like to think that your cat's play-towers should be part of your home environment and not a completely foreign object. That’s why our cat towers and other pet pieces are made to delight both pet and owner.

Each piece is designed by an architect (that's me) and hand-crafted in the USA.  In fact, the name “Square Paws” derives from my work as an architect.  So often during the prototype process, friends and family would ask me how the “cat condos” were coming along.  So I got to thinking that, if human condos are measured in square feet then CAT condos must be measured in “square paws.”

I feel that the greatest aspect of our products is a sense of whimsy. We take iconic elements, whether architectural, utilitarian, sculptural, or natural, and we fashion them in a form that pets can interact with.  It’s in this tongue-in-cheek way that our customers feel engaged with their animals in a totally new way.

Last but not least, we pledge to donate 10% of net profits to agencies dedicated to animal rescue and refuge.

Have a look at our completed work to date, leave us a comment via our Contact page, or let us know if we can make a condo for your pets!