Irony not lost

In my formative years as an architect in New York City, while working at a large firm that specialized in corporate interiors, I worked under a senior architect who insisted that we take great pains to think through the various alignments of wallbase, be it stone, wood, or vinyl.  It was his purist approach to knowing that all the quirks and reveals of the bases would ultimately be in alignment throughout the space, taking into account the most minimal changes to floor levels, that would signify the true mark of architectural attention to detail.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the term wallbase, it is the trim at the bottom of a wall, where a wall meets the floor, and it's usually 3 or 4 inches in height with a specific profile chosen by the architect or builder.)

While I admired the purist approach and the thoughtfulness of the architect, the cynical side of me would often joke, "Who exactly is going to appreciate this alignment?!?  The corporate CAT?!?"

Now, some eighteen years later, the cosmic irony of my joke is not lost on me.

But I believe that, while the cat towers I'm creating are, indeed, being appreciated by cats, it's in the reactions of people to these cat towers that brings me the greatest joy!  I take it as a blessing that I get such a wonderful response from folks that see these cat towers in person for the first time.  It's not unlike that moment when my clients have seen my finished architectural work for the first time that they truly understand the thought and care that went into it.  (Well, not always, but that's what we as architects aim for!)

Today I delivered a cat tower to a young family dealing with a serious health crisis.  They shared about the various cats they have now and have had in the past, some that were adopted from shelters and others found abandoned, barely skin and bones.  Having now gotten into the "pet product industry," I have met many people that work to save, shelter and find homes for all kinds of stray animals.  And I'm inspired by those that work to save them all!  Like this family, there is sometimes no rhyme or reason as to why there are those that suffer, are tortured and die, and those that live never knowing this kind of pain.

I only hope that my work brings people some joy, humor and fun.

Appreciate the things you have.