Safe at Home

When asked by the Community Relations Coordinator of the Kentucky Humane Society if I could donate a cat tower item for their "Tuxes and Tails Gala" on August 15th, 2015, I thought, "What would be fitting for a cat in Louisville, KY?"  Then, hearing the summer sounds of a ballgame on the TV not far away, it hit me: How about a cat tower that highlights the good ol' Louisville Slugger?!?

I didn't want to post any photos of it until it arrived safe and sound in the hands of the KHS.  But, now that the cat (tower) is out of the bag and safely in Kentucky for the upcoming gala, here are some pictures and video of the piece.

The design centers around a raised, carpeted "home plate," with two ash-wood Louisville Slugger bats, a sisal scratching post, a catcher's mitt perch and hammock, and a hand-stitched, carpeted "baseball" perch out in centerfield.

Here's hoping that this cat tower raises lots of money for the Kentucky Humane Society, and that they're able to find "safe homes" for all their dogs and cats!