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Animal Spirits

We attract the animals as pets that reflect who we are.

Mind you, I have no scientific fact or proof to back up that statement.  It is merely an intuitive feeling I've always had throughout my life.  I look at animals and their owners, and I can see the aspects that connect them.

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Why you need this

I recently mentioned to my veterinarian that I make cat towers.  (I mentioned this in reference to my cat's behavior; it's not that I was trying to sell the vet on my work.)  But, as it happened, I ended up showing her photos from the Square Paws website.

"Oh my!  These aren't cat towers; these are ART!" she responded as she scrolled down the screen.

It's not the first time I've heard that, and hopefully it won't be the last. 

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CatConLA - epilogue

One week after being a vendor/exhibitor at this event, I'm reflecting on all that transpired in the two-day event called CatConLA.  Of course, everyone has a particular point of view in this world, and therefore there really is no right or wrong way to portray something.  But, for me, displaying five of my cat tower sculptures in one ten-foot by ten-foot space was no less than amazing!  And, while I was the only person manning my booth and thereby not able to attend the talks by the roster of speakers and not able to walk the show and meet the kitties up for adoption or meet all of the other vendors, I still got an incredible view of the show.

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Touted as the "ComiCon for cat people," CatConLA is a few short days away, and I couldn't be more anxious, excited, overjoyed, nervous, happy, tense, optimistic, elated, nauseous, proud...did I mention nervous?

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Irony not lost

While I admired the purist approach and the thoughtfulness of the architect, the cynical side of me would often joke, "Who exactly is going to appreciate this alignment?!?  The corporate CAT?!?"

Now, some eighteen years later, the cosmic irony of my joke is not lost on me.

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