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Hello, I'm Mario Arbore, the creator of Square Paws.  Here at Square Paws, we’d like to think that your cat's play-towers should be part of your home environment and not a completely foreign object. That’s why our cat towers and other pet pieces are made to delight both pet and owner.

Each piece is designed by an architect (that's me) and hand-crafted in the USA.  In fact, the name “Square Paws” derives from my work as an architect.  So often during the prototype process, friends and family would ask me how the “cat condos” were coming along.  So I got to thinking that, if human condos are measured in square feet then CAT condos must be measured in “square paws.”

I feel that the greatest aspect of our products is a sense of whimsy. We take iconic elements, whether architectural, utilitarian, sculptural, or natural, and we fashion them in a form that pets can interact with.  It’s in this tongue-in-cheek way that our customers feel engaged with their animals in a totally new way.

Last but not least, we pledge to donate 10% of net profits to agencies dedicated to animal rescue and refuge.

Have a look at our completed work to date, leave us a comment via our Contact page, or let us know if we can make a condo for your pets!


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Here's what folks have been saying about Square Paws:

...imagine the hilarious photo ops of your cat chilling on this amewsing tower.”
— Jackie Brown & Melissa Kauffman, Catster Magazine

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At CatCon, Breaking a Stereotype in Ears and Whiskers
— Brooks Barnes, The New York Times

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This cat would love one of Square Paws’ unique, creative cat towers.

— Modern Cat Magazine



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I Heart Cats - 2016

IHeartCats.com covered the renovation of the Harbor Room at a local Florida animal shelter:

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...and I believe Ms. Miller is referring to Square Paws as the "scratching posts fashioned into famous landmarks" in this article in Vanity Fair

Viera Living Magazine - 2014

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It appears that our orange tabby, Owen, has pretty much commandeered the tower since we received it. It’s so beautiful and peaceful to watch him sleep on top of a big-ass flower in our living room. Leroy is more of a bush cat, but he has even taken it for a spin here and there. When we buy a house and get more room I’d like to purchase the throne tower, as I can’t think of a more appropriate thing for a cat. In the meantime, thank you for the flower tower. We are all enjoying it very much - Even my husband has come around to it! ;-)
— Sheila K., California

This morning I received my Square Paws Musicat Tower. It arrived in purrfect condition and is totally pawesome. Here’s a photo of my cat Henry checking it out…he appears to be singing along with the music!

My husband is a bass player, so I thought that this would be a fun addition to our house.

Many thanks for making such fabulous cat environments. You guys rock!
— Lisa F., Massachussetts

The giraffe sits in my family room, and it looks like a whimsical piece of furniture when the cats are not climbing on it. My most adventurous cat, Buttercup, likes to climb up to the top where there’s a perch she sits on and looks out the window, naps, or just watches the ceiling fan go around.

It’s very sturdy and has plenty of places for the cats to scratch, climb, jump, play with each other and sleep!”
— Julie L., Florida

It has taken a bit for my new kitten to feel comfortable enough in her new home and therefore really get a chance to interact with the castle.

However, as you can see from the pictures....it is her absolute favorite. She looks gorgeous on it. A castle fit for the princess ;).

I love it! Everyone that has laid eyes on it congratulates me on such an incredible purchase.
— Natalie Z., California