The Ferals Ferris Wheel

The Ferals Ferris Wheel


This Ferris wheel is one of Square Paws' crowning achievements of 2016.  The fixed-in-place wheel is comprised of eleven cat perches, a fleece-lined center tube, and a carpeted scratching post.

This original model depicted here was specifically created for a Carnival-themed room at a local Florida animal shelter, and, as such, we used PVC and vinyl components for the perches for easy cleaning and maintenance at the shelter.  However, in future models, perches will be composed of painted wood and carpet, as cats tend to prefer the tactile gripping qualities of carpet.

Painted 2x6  and 2x4 wood members provide the triangular base for the Ferris wheel, while hand-painted and decorated wood and plywood form the circles and "spokes" of the wheel.  Alternating accent colors of orange, red and yellow are used throughout to mimic the true spectacle of a carnival Ferris wheel, while alternating colored perches mimic the various "bucket" colors of this iconic amusement park ride.

This one-of-a-kind art piece measures 6'-2" from outside edge of perch to outside edge of perch and measures 21" deep and 6'-0" tall.

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